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Solid silicone mushroom plug

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Silicone plugs have long reigned supreme as the masking products of choice in the fields of high temperature painting and powder coating. The ability of the silicone material to function under extreme heat for extended periods of time makes it an ideal choice for these applications. Additionally, their durability extends their life service beyond a single use. Of course, silicone caps also benefit from the flexible nature of the material that allows them to provide an airtight seal while still being easy to install and remove.

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Silicone rubber plugs pose no contamination risk to a coating line. The word silicone should not concern powder coating experts. It is important to note that silicone "lubricants" are liquid based agents that can wreak havoc in a coating facility. Silicone plugs are solid material and can withstand multiple passes through most coating processes.

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Silicones have many desirable properties but can cost more than other polymers. That’s why some engineers and product designers avoid them. At the same time, newer materials such as thermoplastic elastomers are interesting but even more expensive. Products made from silicone deliver strength and flexibility, providing the protection you need to protect equipment or operate reliably even in the harshest working environments. Plus, with silicone’s resiliency, these parts can provide longer service life than comparable parts made with other materials, providing additional trust and cost savings for end users.

Silicone plugs are ideal for many different types of body piercings given their soft, flexible, biocompatible structure. Silicone plugs are also very easy to clean, which adds to their popularity among our customers and team. Here at Chaojie, we offer a wide range of silicone plugs in a variety of sizes and styles. Our silicone plugs come in multiple designs, from glow in the dark plugs to solid colors. Whether you want square-shaped, tear-drop shaped, or something completely unique to fit your style, you'll find it at Chaojie. 

Chaojie’s silicone rubber plugs are great for keeping powder coating, paint, media and liquids out of places you don't want them. These plugs are flexible enough to conform to uneven surfaces and work well with both threaded and non-threaded holes. Heat resistant up to 300℃ for 20 minutes and resistant to most chemicals. These handy plugs have hundreds of uses around the shop, home, classroom and more!

Silicone rubber pull plugs and tapered plugs withstand high temperatures and harsh environments for long periods of time with ideal thermal stability and electrical insulation.
-Use for powder coating, painting, ceramic coating, plating, anodizing, and more.
-Premium quality, non-toxic synthetic silicone rubber will not crack, shrink, harden or break.
-Withstands heat up to 300℃while staying flexible, durable and reusable.
-Chaojie makes masking easy with quality powder coating plugs, caps, and tape.

Chaojie plugs keep powder coating, ceramic coating, paint, and more out of places you don't want them. Built to take the heat, they can withstand temperatures as hot as 300℃. This premium silicone rubber is flexible enough to conform to rough surfaces and works in both threaded and non-threaded holes. The tapered stopper design allows these plugs to fit many hole sizes and depths. Not just for metal finishing either, these versatile plugs can be used around the shop, home, classroom, etc.

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Size,specification,and color can be customized as your request.

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