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Accurate Rubber Corporation manufactures premium quality standard as well as custom size extruded silicone tubing, food grade silicone tubing, medical grade silicone tubing, high temperature silicone rubber tubing, silicone rubber hose & silicone rubber sleeve. Our silicone tubing, silicone rubber sleeve & silicone hose provides higher performance, great flexibility as well as longer durability.

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We can also make soft as well as hard durometer silicone tubing in translucent, white, black, red and other colors in different wall thickness. Our silicone rubber tubing provides excellent high as well as low temperature resistance. By and large they exhibit excellent resistance toward U.V. radiation, ozone and other weather ability conditions.

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Slicone Rubber Tubing (1)
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Silicone Tubing applications


Silicone tubing has for quite some time been utilized for medical purposes especially as peristaltic pump tubing, as it meets the restorative necessities like tidiness and non-toxicity. Other focal highlight of silicone rubber tubing i.e.,  is extraordinary hot and cold resistance in wide temperature range, has empowered its utilization in applications where an adaptable tubing is required to deal with temperatures not possible with other elastomers or rubbers. our blog post provides more information about why and where silicone tubing used.

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Standard & Custom Silicone Tubing 


We offer a broad spectrum of silicone tubing, silicone hose and silicone sleeve (translucent or colored) produced using versatile compounds, including platinum cured silicone tubing. Our cutting-edge, clean facility is intended for manufacturing products suited to medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, dairy & milk industry, food & beverage industry and applications. Additionally, our industrial grades offer remarkable performance at allusively much competitive price.
We can make English and additionally metric size silicone tubing and hose. Cut it into specific size you want or coil it in 100 feet roll as per your requirement. With a quick turnaround time and excellent customer services, we produce Food FDA Grade Silicone Tubing, USP Class VI Silicone Tubing, Peroxide Cure Silicone Tubing, Platinum Cure Silicone Tubing, High Temperature Silicone Tubing, Milk Hose & Dairy Tubing, Colored Silicone Tubing, Peristaltic Pump Tubing, Brewery Silicone Tubing, and Pharmaceutical Silicone Rubber Tubing. We also able to assist you in selecting the right material as per your application and industry need.

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Types of Silicone Tubing we offer


Regular Grade: This is a regularly utilize Silicone Grade which meets FDA standards and can be utilized in numerous applications, typically where the visual examination is fundamental. Available in 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 shore hardness, this is utilized in food processing plants and pharmaceutical/medical industries.

High Strength Grade: Accessible in 50, 60 and 70 shore hardness, this category of tubing is usually utilized in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, and Biochemical businesses. It is additionally appropriate for use inside peristaltic pumps and is greatly insusceptible to contaminants.

Platinum Cured: Currently prevailing and most acceptable quality compound, it meets the binding FDA Standards and is predominantly applied in Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and other industries. This tubing has good clarity, excellent tear strength and gives a shiny end product.

Colored Tubing: Accurate Rubber Corporation supplies and produces small to full-length Color Silicone Tubing in significant and indicative colors which are regularly used for ‘sleeving’ (covering for electrical or other cables).

Why choose Silicone Tubing ?


For Tubing, Silicone offers such many favorable circumstances which are neither obtainable nor attainable in other elastomers.
• Hygienic & Sterile: It doesn’t bolster the development of bacteria/ microorganisms or any solid build up.
• Durable, Heavy-Duty & Dependable: Silicone Tubing is smooth, flexible and tough which make it last longer than any other category of tubing. Additionally, it won’t easily break, crack, or decay.
• Clarity: Which allows easier monitoring & controlling of flow of fluid.
• Easy to Clean: Effortless and easy to clean surface. Likewise, it won’t end up being brittle, fragile or stiffened even with continued use of cleaning chemicals.
• High Tear Strength: High Tear Resistance, Good Elongation at break and Tensile Strength which allow to withstanding the daily rigors of the Milking Parlor, Brewery, Water Treatment Plant, Dairy Farm, or Aquarium etc.
• Food Grade Material: Available in FDA directed Food Grade materials. Hence, it is exceptionally secure to use notwithstanding for or household purposes.
• Odorless, Tasteless and Inert: Doesn’t interact what it carries so it’s appropriate for Air, Water, Food, Nourishment, and Beverage Applications.
• UV,Ozone and Other Chemical Resistant: It offers astounding UV, Ozone, and Weather resistance and protection from cleanser, salt water, and different chemicals, synthetic concoctions.
• Temperature Resistant: Silicone offers superb high-temperature resistance battling up to 450°F. With low-temperature, its adaptability is again outstanding.

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