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Silicone cap covers usb dust plug

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Silicone caps have long reigned supreme as the masking products of choice in the fields of high temperature painting and powder coating. The ability of the silicone material to function under extreme heat for extended periods of time makes it an ideal choice for these applications. 

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 Additionally, their durability extends their life service beyond a single use. Of course, silicone caps also benefit from the flexible nature of the material that allows them to provide an airtight seal while still being easy to install and remove.

Silicone rubber caps pose no contamination risk to a coating line. The word silicone should not concern powder coating experts. It is important to note that silicone "lubricants" are liquid based agents that can wreak havoc in a coating facility. Silicone caps are solid material and can withstand multiple passes through most coating processes.

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We also find silicone end caps used extensively in the medical packaging field as silicone is a very pure material that can easily withstand the sterilization temperatures required by this market.

Silicones have many desirable properties but can cost more than other polymers. That’s why some engineers and product designers avoid them. At the same time, newer materials such as thermoplastic elastomers are interesting but even more expensive. Products made from silicone deliver strength and flexibility, providing the protection you need to protect equipment or operate reliably even in the harshest working environments. Plus, with silicone’s resiliency, these parts can provide longer service life than comparable parts made with other materials, providing additional trust and cost savings for end users.

For example,silicone caps mask threaded & non-threaded studs and tube ends during high-temp ( 300°C) applications, like e-coating & powder coating. Choose the Stud Size to Mask below that most closely matches the diameter of the stud/bolt/tube you are wanting to cap.

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Your unique process and project sometimes require a unique solution.If you don't think our standard catalog parts will do the trick, let us create a custom one for you!

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