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Silicone Seals Profile Epdm Rubber Strips For Sale

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Is sealing with silicone rubber gaskets right for your application? Silicones have many desirable properties but can cost more than other polymers. That’s why some engineers and product designers avoid them. At the same time, newer materials such as thermoplastic elastomers are interesting but even more expensive.  

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If you’re wondering whether silicone rubber is the right choice for sealing, it’s time to take a closer look at these synthetic elastomers. First, we’ll examine the advantages of sealing with silicone and compare some silicone gasket materials. We’ll then categorize silicone rubber in different ways and examine some applications.

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To discuss your application for sealing with silicone,please contact us.

Advantages of Sealing with Silicone


Silicones resist moisture, chemicals, heat, cold, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They’re also stable, flexible, long-lasting, and aesthetically-pleasing. The advantages of silicone rubber include:
• Good thermal stability and low chemical reactivity.
• Excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, and oxygen.
• Consistent properties at high and low temperatures.
• Repels water, resists moisture, and forms watertight seals.
• Good electrical insulation and excellent gas permeability.
• Come in a range of durometers and custom colors.
• Available in special grades and with filler materials.

Solid silicone gaskets have a tightly-packed molecular structure. They aren’t always “soft”, but they can have a lower durometer (hardness) than sponge silicone. Lower-durometer solid profiles provide strong environmental sealing with low closure force. Higher durometers require greater closure force.

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Product Applications


- Home appliance equipment, Auto parts, Industrial equipment, Electrical equipment, mechanical parts,Hardware parts,auto components,Computer electronics,Electronics components,Civil Engineering,Construction,Marine Industry,Garden Products,Military industry and etc.

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