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Silicone Bowl Pad Placemat

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Silicone coasters are made of pure silicone. Silicone coasters are generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public eating places, and can be used as advertising accessories to improve the image.

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The main function of the silicone coaster is the heat insulation function, and it does not fade, so that your furniture can be protected from damage. This is the most important and practical function of the silicone coaster. Silicone coasters also have a decorative role, and the unique style of coasters is undoubtedly a highlight of home decoration.

Silicone coasters use: Silicone coasters have bright colors, and companies and corporate LOGOs can be added to the silicone coasters to make them more prominent and closer to people's lives. There is strong friction to prevent glass and porcelain cups from slipping. It can also protect the desktop from scratches and burns.

Washable Durable Unbreakable S9
Washable Durable Unbreakable S7
Washable Durable Unbreakable S8

These functions of the silicone coaster make it a favorite of the majority of family-loving friends, because it has the following characteristics:


1. Safety: non-toxic, non-allergic, easy to clean, green and environmentally friendly.

2. Durable: anti-aging, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, super high and low temperature resistance (-60°C to +260°C).

3. Comfort: easy to dry, skin-friendly, soft and elastic.

4. Color: adjustable to any color, colorful, never fade.

5. Printing: The surface can be printed in 4C full color, printing is environmentally friendly, resistant to high and low temperatures, does not fade, and does not fall off.

6. Various functional silicone sheets can be supplied, such as thermal insulation silicone, thermal conductive silicone, insulating silicone, conductive adhesive, etc.

7. Can be put into the oven, microwave, refrigerator and other environments.

8. Comply with EU green food-grade environmental protection standards.

9. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

10. Perfect anti-skid effect, strong stickiness and high firmness.

Washable Durable Unbreakable S4
Washable Durable Unbreakable S5
Washable Durable Unbreakable S2
Washable Durable Unbreakable S3

If you need silicone products, please contact us, we can provide OEM customized services, welcome to consult!

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