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Chaojie has created silicone parts and seals for a broad range of industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics and more. From simple seals to the most complex silicone parts, we utilize a host of sophisticated technologies and processes to consistently manufacture the high-quality silicone components your applications demand.

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Types of Silicone

General Purpose  Dimethyl Silicone  VMQ
Low Temperature  Phenyl Silicone  PVMQ
Oil Resistant  Fluorosilicone  FVMQ
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Silicone comes in many forms. Compression, transfer and rubber injection use High Consistency (HC) silicone. LSR silicones are injection molded.
Liquid Silicone Rubber.
Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and silicone rubber are extraordinary manufactured materials. By combining the appropriate additives, in the correct amounts, silicone is transformed into a highly specific material.
It can insulate, or be conductive.
Silicone can withstand freezing temperatures and stand up to high heat.
It can be translucent as well as almost any color, even glow-in-the-dark green.
Silicone resists fungus and at the same time, it is non-toxic.
From the cleanroom to the operating room, from the dashboard to the circuit board, silicone rubber exhibits such a wide range of properties, it is used in many applications where organic rubber cannot perform.


Advantages of Sealing with Silicone


State-of-the-Art Molding Capabilities.
The popularity of silicone has led to Apple Rubber's development of precision mold capabilities. Even the most complex silicone parts and seals can be consistently manufactured using a host of technologies and processes including injection molding and compression molding.
We give you all the advantages of silicone… and then some.
Unmatched temperature resistance: withstands temperature extremes from -155°F to 400°F.
Excellent mechanical properties: good elongation, excellent flexibility and a durometer range of 10-80 Shore A.
Superior insulating properties.
Exceptional weather resistance: resists the damaging effects of UV light, ozone, O2, weather, moisture and steam with outstanding aging characteristics.
Good chemical resistance: resists water and many chemicals such as some acids, oxidizing chemicals, ammonia and isopropyl alcohol. Note: concentrated acids, alkalines and solvents should not be used with silicone rubber.
Excellent dimensional stability: offers excellent accuracy and provides versatility of shape and form to many seals and parts, even intricate shapes.

We began OEM & ODM silicone & rubber since 2011. Highest quality custom molded parts in relate materials are ready here for your large product orders. You supply us the idea,we supply you the products.

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