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Silicone water bottle gasket flat ring gasket

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Chaojie specializes in precision die-cut, rubber molded and extruded Food Grade Silicone Rubber products, including FDA Approved Gaskets and Seals that are used in the Food Processing Industry.

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FDA-approved, food-grade silicone rubber products are commonly used in applications where food or consumables are present, such as food processing, beverage bottling and manufacturing, dairy production, meat packing, and pharmaceutical applications. FDA silicone rubber products are also found within most food packaging equipment, such as table-top packaging machinery. All FDA-approved products are handled and packaged in a Class 100 cleanroom environment and subjected to rigorous testing to meet the demands of challenging food and beverage applications.

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At Chaojie, our FDA-compliant rubber products are fabricated for your unique application and specifically engineered to handle a wide range of food products, as well as liquid products such as beer, wine, filtered water, and milk. Chaojie takes pride in its ability to consistently produce high-quality, FDA-compliant rubber products guaranteed to meet your exact specifications and function perfectly within your application. If you do not have a blueprint or technical drawing, Chaojie has the ability to reverse engineer solutions for you directly from a sample.

With years of expertise manufacturing custom solutions for various industries, Chaojie is an ideal provider for high-quality, food-grade rubber gaskets and seals. We can fully customize your gaskets and cut them to any size. 

This material selection guide will provide an overview of FDA standards for food-grade materials and some of the typical applications for each material, helping you to identify the ideal food-grade gasket or seal for your application. 

Finding the ideal food-grade gasket or seal material can be vital to an application. It requires a basic understanding of requirements for FDA approval, along with the material properties that best suit the specifics of your use case. Food-grade materials must be hypoallergenic, non-toxic, flexible, tasteless, odorless. They should also prohibit bacterial growth and have a wide operating temperature range.

Silicones have many desirable properties but can cost more than other polymers. That’s why some engineers and product designers avoid them. At the same time, newer materials such as thermoplastic elastomers are interesting but even more expensive.For example,using it to make tight&leak proof seal is the best choose. 

Chaojie manufactures silicone air tight & leak proof seals for all types of plastic containers & steel tiff ins.

Product Advantages


-High quality silicone as raw material, non-toxic,soft and comfortable.

-Excellent temperature resistance -50°C and 220°C,high-temperature grades up to 300°C.

-Excellent resistance to weathering,UV,Ozone,electrical insulating properties,high optical clarity,Good chemical resistance.

-Excellent air tightness.

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