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Silicone Sink Drain Plug Toilet Sewer Insect Cover

Short Description:

Silicone floor drain deodorant cover.

It can effectively isolate the floor drain, block the odor, and make the family more warm.

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Product Description


It can closely fit the floor, does not shift, and fits seamlessly around it, with strong adsorption, so you can use it with confidence.

The handle design saves worry and effort, allowing us to easily pick up and handle.
Available in various sizes, it is suitable for most household floor drains.

Wholesale Household Floor Drai6
Wholesale Household Floor Drai4
Wholesale Household Floor Drai2
product Name UFO-type floor drain cover
Product Color blue/green /pink/gray /white
Material TPR
Style press filter
MOQ 4 pieces
Features deodorant and lock water, press design, filter residue, easy to clean
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Product Advantages


Silicone material, good resilience, free deformation, not easy to age.

Various cute cartoon shapes can be customized, humanized design, easy to lift, and can be quickly released from the adsorption state.

Easy to clean and take care of, integrated design, not easy to hide dirt and dirt, and it can be cleaned after flushing.

Can be hung for storage to avoid breeding bacteria.

Our factory is a wholesale factory specializing in the production of silicone floor drains, supports OEM services, and can customize personalized products. Welcome to consult.


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