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Children’s silicone molar stick

Short Description:

It is a dirt resistant, easy to clean, convenient to carry molar bar, suitable for infants.

Generally, the baby will have teething between 4 and 10 months. At this time, the baby’s gums will be uncomfortable, itchy, drooling, gnawing, or other things. The raw material of the molar is food grade silica gel, so it does no harm to the child. When the baby is found to have such drooling, or it is obvious that the baby chews on the hand, and it is abnormal to grab something to eat, the molar can be used for the baby. Pay attention to the use of the tooth grinding stick. The child’s saliva is polluted after biting, so it should be cleaned in time. The child will stimulate the gums during the biting process, so it is conducive to teething, and it is also conducive to relieving the discomfort caused by the itch of the baby’s gums. Therefore, the conclusion is good whether the baby can use the molar stick.

Color, pattern and size can be customized. If you need to customize, please contact us.

  • Product name: Children's silicone molar stick
  • Type: Toys
  • Material: Silicone
  • Specification: Customizable
  • Features: It supports infants to chew, is easy to clean, is convenient to carry, and is conducive to infants' teething
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