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Silicine Material, soft and bendable,No irritation to the skin

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Silicone cupping has the advantages of simple structure, convenient and practical, large suction force, both cupping and scraping effect.  

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It feels comfortable and has no irritation to the skin. It solves the problems of scald and burn caused by traditional glass cupping and ceramic cupping. Due to the soft and deformable mouth of the cupping, the uneven parts that are not easy to be pulled out from the joint, behind the ear and other cupping devices can also be pulled out without position limitation.  Light weight, feel good, easy to carry, especially suitable for travel, home health care.

Silicine Material, soft and be8
Silicine Material, soft and be2
Silicine Material, soft and be1

Product Introduction


Adopting the principle of negative pressure, the fitness tank is deformed by pressure and produces suction force, the operation is flexible and simple, it can be lowered in many parts of the body at the same time, and the strength size can be adjusted.  


Silicone wristband is perfect premium gifts used for various sports activities , event , casino, playground,
it’s recommended as gift, souvenirs, promotional materials for bulk fitness gifts, party favors, teen or adult birthday party favor, graduation favors etc.


In the abdomen or waist and other fat parts or relatively large area can be used to push the pot method, the effect is better.


After using for a period of time, press 2~3 times to adjust the strength of suction, so that you can bear it and feel comfortable.


If you want stronger adsorption, adsorption in the same part of a number of, or more pressing several times.


Rest, driving, work, do housework, study, whenever and wherever it can be used, easy to use.


Each use time is about 15-30 minutes is appropriate.


When cleaning, gently wipe with a neutral lotion and then rinse with water.

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