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Why do we focus on silicone products

With the rapid development of silica gel products in recent years, more and more articles of daily use are replaced by silica gel products, and slowly let us realize that silica gel products are not the trend of replacing plastic products.  Relative plastic products industry silicone products industry started relatively late, the penetration rate is due to the early stage of the process is not mature, the manufacturing cost is too high, and so on reasons not practical application to our life, to say the earliest spread of silica gel products should belong to the remote control buttons, home television remote control button, to say the silica gel products from the humble formal walk into our life 

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On 27 March 2019, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly by 560 votes to 35 to ban single-use plastic products from 2021 in order to control the pollution caused by plastic waste flowing into waterways and fields. This is very exciting news for the silicone industry.  Plastic production is now 20 times higher than it was in the 1960s, the report said.  China’s policy of no longer importing some European waste helped spur the EU’s plastic ban.  Although EU member states support a ban on disposable plastic products, including straws and cotton swabs, the EU still has to vote on implementing rules. Disposable tableware will not be banned entirely, but silicone kitches will see greater opportunities.  The measure aims to encourage manufacturers to use as much sustainable material as possible. The EU decree also sets a target of recycling 90% of plastic bottles by 2025 and halving the ten most common waste products in the ocean.  The EU estimates the changes will add 259 million to 695 million euros a year to its economic costs.  The legislation is based on a draft agreement reached between European Parliament negotiators and member states last December, DPA reported on March 27.  It still needs to be formally ratified by Member States.  Member of the European Parliament Margret.  Okun said the proposals would help the EU reduce its consumption of single-use plastic products and related products, while encouraging more creativity and better-designed products.  And supporting a cleaner environment. ”The next step is to abandon our wasteful culture,” she said.

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The introduction of the new policy, silica gel industry will usher in a new spring, the market will be unprecedented strong.  But from familiar cell phone sets, over the years to the maternal and infant series, series of outdoor sports, beauty makeup series, kitchen series, the daily household series, to electronic cigarette accessories, silicone products industry has gradually become an indispensable part of our side, to the technology of mature and everyone’s emphasis on health products produced a silica gel products.  Compared with plastic products, the cost of silica gel products is lower than that of plastic products, the cost of forming process mold is lower than that of plastic, and the safety and stability of silica gel materials are better than plastic. Silica gel products can be used in many fields that plastic can not be used, such as:  Medical, infant and other areas of great attention to safety, coupled with silica gel material for non-petroleum products, do not need to rely on the increasingly scarce oil resources, making silica gel products as a substitute for similar plastic products has been the trend of The Times.  It is believed that in the future, the market share of silica gel products will greatly exceed that of plastic products, daily necessities, maternal and infant products, outdoor sports series, beauty series, kitchen series, daily necessities and so on, will slowly be replaced by silica gel.  Small of life life, founded in 2018, formerly known as shenzhen is booming, has 25 years experience in silicon rubber production factory, by focusing on the food grade silica gel designers in the field of household articles for daily use, by the suppliers of silicone rubber industry over 25 years of manufacturing experience, and a group of keen on promoting a healthy Internet business innovation and high-quality life concept team founded.  The company has hundreds of daily life products in stock in Shenzhen, which can meet the needs of different people.  Adhere to the concept of “simple, beautiful, intelligent and practical”, use the Internet to create new categories of food grade silica gel home life as the goal, to provide users with healthy, high quality, low price home life products. 

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