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What are the unique advantages of silicone products?

Low temperature resistance is very outstanding, can work in the environment of minus 55 degrees.  Especially when phenyl is added, it can resist temperatures as low as minus 73 degrees.  
High temperature resistance is very outstanding, can be placed in the environment of 180 degrees for long-term use.  If the temperature is higher, it can be used for a few weeks in a zero to 200 degree environment, but it is not suitable for long-term use.  
process of use, it has a very good oxygen permeability.  
In addition, silicone rubber is remarkably inert and will not clot blood, so it can be used in the medical industry.  

Are there many kinds of silicone rubber?  
In today’s market, silicone rubber is also divided into many types.  The type is not the same, the resistance to high and low temperature is different, the applicable environment is not the same.  This requires users to choose carefully, according to the specific use of the environment to choose more appropriate products.  
In the selection process, carefully understand the structure and performance of each type of silicone rubber.  Expensive is not necessarily the best, applicable! 18

Post time: Sep-13-2022