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What are the advantages of silicone products?

Many suppliers demand along with the standard of living for so many years and the future development of science and technology progress is slowly improving raw material demand of the silicone rubber products are more stringent, especially the necessaries of life must be more customer care and acceptance in use, for the material of the silicone products manufacturer in terms of silica gel material can be divided into general, food grade and medical grade, special silicone material categories,  And the necessities of life, what is the reason to choose food grade silica gel?  

First for non-toxic, no smell is the basic, in fact, in the use of the service life of the characteristics and be sure to highlight, compared with the rest of the general material difference depends on the thermal deformation, stronger flexibility degree, it is not easy to drop after turbulence, for example, can be bent for long, knead, non-stick oil, placed for a long time is not long mildew, discoloration, etc,  This is also the general material and the rest of the material can not be compared.  


In processing and manufacturing to manufacture each kind of goods to the rigorous selection, can be done to standard specification can consign is used, in the daily life of some of the material is the same principle, for example, in recent years a very obvious silicone materials, daily provisions, silicone materials in the use of category in the sustained dissemination and care, in our daily life and in use,  The demand for silicone rubber products is also continuing to improve, which also shows that it is slowly being paid attention to, rubber and plastic products materials in the early stage is pure in safety problems, must be ignored as harmful substances, but in accordance with several years of development and extraction will not produce all conflicts with green environmental safety and health.  Therefore, the selection of daily necessities for silica gel materials must pay attention to.  

Food grade silica gel material daily necessities and other materials contrast advantages are more, due to the demand from raw materials to manufacturing stereotypes should be high demand specifications, such as green environmental protection needs: silica gel material raw materials are selected high transparency high purity can be in accordance with a variety of world inspection accreditation, REACH, RoHS, CCC, LFGB or FDA.  Raw material characteristics demand: in accordance with the mixing glue plus the relative color glue and high quality anti-yellow vulcanizing agent mixing glue to finalize the product can do food grade silica gel specifications, finalize the process needs:  In order to be safe, reliable, green and environmental protection, the manufacturer needs to make relative changes to the characteristics of clean and hygienic working environment and its machine during production, so that there are no impurities, no impurities, high temperature vulcanization, electric oven baking, commodity cleaning, and QC inspection are more rigorous.  Therefore, at this stage, the food grade silicone products on the market are slowly found by everyone, and slowly change today’s society! 



Post time: Sep-13-2022