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Silicone cupping

Brief introduction:

Silicone cupping has the advantages of simple structure, convenient and practical, large suction force, both cupping and scraping effect. It feels comfortable and has no irritation to the skin. It solves the problem of scald and burn caused by traditional glass cupping and ceramic cupping. Because the mouth of the cupping can be soft and deformable, the uneven parts that are not easy to be pulled out, such as joints and behind the ear, can also be pulled out without postural restrictions. Light weight, feel good, easy to carry, especially suitable for travel, home health care



1. Large suction force, and can be adjusted according to the amount of air in the tank.

2. The operation is simple, and most parts of the treatment can be operated by themselves.

3. It is safe to use without ignition to prevent burns.

4.Knee joint, elbow joint and other concave and convex parts can be used, but also can walk activities.  

5. This product has no mechanical connection, no use wear, not afraid of extrusion, knock, compared with the general cupping, its service life is longer.  

Can relieve joint pain, toothache, muscle pain, body discomfort and other symptoms.


Method of use:  

The NEGATIVE PRESSURE PRINCIPLE IS ADOPTED TO MAKE THE FITNESS TANK DEFORMED BY PRESSURE AND PRODUCE SUCTION force. The operation is flexible and simple. It can be placed in multiple parts of the body at the same time, and the strength can also be adjusted. 

 1, when using the appropriate skin smooth place, if the skin is dry, can first wet the skin before proceeding.  Suction in the part that you want to do (acupoint), press 2-3 times with your fingers in the vertical direction, and the concave part in the middle will naturally adsorb after the gas inside the cupping.  

Cupping method 

2, used in the abdomen or waist and other fat parts or parts of the area is relatively large can be used to push the can method, the effect is better.  

3. After using for a period of time, adjust the suction strength by 2~3 times to feel bearable and comfortable.  

4, if you want a stronger adsorption force, adsorption in the same part of a number of, or press several times.  

5, rest, driving, work, do housework, study, no matter when and where can be used, simple and easy.  

6, each use time of about 15-30 minutes is appropriate.  

7. When cleaning, gently wipe with neutral lotion and rinse with water.  

8, take off according to the middle of the concave part from a side slowly uncovered. 



Patients with the following conditions should not attempt cupping, which may cause problems:  

1. Heart disease  

2. Hemofriending  

3, body edema, acute traumatic fracture  

4. Systemic skin diseases or local skin lesions (such as skin allergies or ulcers)  

5, extreme weakness, emaciation, skin loss of elasticity  

6, high fever does not retreat, convulsions, spasms  

7. Apical area, body surface great artery beats and varicose veins  

8. Scrofula, hernia and active tuberculosis  

9, schizophrenia, convulsions, high neuroticism and inappropriate author 

10.Pregnant women over four months old.  Children under 6 years of age and senior citizens over 70 years of age.  Although it is not an absolute taboo, small caliber tubes should be selected, the number of cupping should be less, the distance should be far, and the operation should be particularly cautious.


Post time: Sep-17-2022