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Do you know why silicone products can be used in the medical industry?

In today’s society, with the rapid development of industry, silicone products are widely used in our daily life, the safety of the silica gel products is a kind of avirulent environmental protection product, so more and more silicone products are used in the medical industry, and achieves a kind of medical level, you know, why silicone products can be used in the medical profession? Next, silicone girl answers for you.


The fundamental reason lies in the nature of silica gel: the main component of silica gel is silica, which is chemically stable and non-flammable. In addition to having good ductility, stretching, high temperature resistance and aging resistance, it is also green and safe. Tasteless, non-toxic and other characteristics determine the silicone products in the medical device industry and other fields are widely used.


Second, silicone products in the field of daily necessities and electronic industry application scope is broad, such as: silicone mobile phone sets, silica gel glass, silica gel sets, silicone the infant child products, silica gel eat mat… And so on. However, many people do not understand the application of silica gel products in medical devices. In fact, the grade of silica gel can be roughly divided into three categories: including ordinary grade silica gel, food grade silica gel, medical grade silica gel and so on. It is worth noting that ordinary grade silica gel is generally used in some industrial products, while food grade silica gel is generally used in products that come into contact with our diet. Food grade silica gel is non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, and is a green product with high activity. So in the daily purchase of silica gel products, we must learn to distinguish between ordinary grade silica gel and food grade silicone。


Medical grade silica gel is colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, anti-oxidation, good flexibility and high transparency. At the same time, it has good compatibility and can greatly reduce the incidence of bias. There is a medical grade silica gel product that we may more or less know, called silica gel prosthesis, which is generally used for cosmetic surgery, such as silica gel breast augmentation, silica gel prosthesis nose augmentation, silica gel prosthesis chin, etc., with good biocompatibility. . Small stimulation to tissue, strong plasticity. In fact, the application of silica gel products in the medical industry is not single, and some organs of the human body have also been fully applied. As a non-degradable inert substance, it can also be used in many medical AIDS, such as pacemakers, heart valves, suture materials, lubricants, hypodermal needles, syringes, and blood bag surfaces


Post time: Sep-27-2022